Awaken Your Health – Naturally

We merge a combination of Age Old, Proven Eastern Healing Modalities with the latest in Modern Natural Wellness Approaches – to restore your body/ mind to Optimal Health

Our Approach

Stress Reduction

Excess stress is believed to be one of the root-cause of most degenerative diseases – we specialize in giving our clientele both stress reduction therapy and methods they can use for coping and reducing every day stress.

Immune Support

The place that Excess Stress weakens is our Immune System. Which can leave us open to all manner of disease; so once we get you on the road to reduced stress – we have many tools to help restore your immunity and health.

Eastern Therapies

We also offer a number of forms of time tested Eastern Therapies – such as Acupuncture, Tibetan Bowl Vibrational and Sound Therapies, and more – to “Kick-Start” your return to Optimal Health

Treatment Hours By Appointment Only

Clinic Location:
6161 Martin Luther King Drive (9th Street), Suite 102,
St. Petersburg, FL
(727) 289-4747