Awakening Treatments

Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy

We are the only certified Tibetan Bowl Sound therapy Practitioners in the area, trained by a Tibetan Master. Tibetans have been using bowl therapy for thousands of years to bring not only healing – but a level of bodily relaxation far and above anything you have ever experienced. Ask anyone who has experienced it. These treatments alone will work wonders for stress reduction and body/ mind rejuvenation.

Medical Qigong

We are certified Masters in one of the world’s oldest known Eastern Healing Practices – practiced by more people than any other on earth. It encompasses many practices that are so healing, that they have been adopted by our Western Culture. They include Guided Imagery Meditation, Jing Point Therapy Tapping, Qigong Walking & Exercise’s that you can do anytime, anywhere, and they are easy to learn.


Acupuncture is the best known of the Eastern forms of Medicine. We utilize the most advanced forms of this practice to bring health to a multiplicity of life’s challenges; including relief from pain, improved immunity, ease of joint problems, improved sleep, better digestion, and more.

Mindful Tibetan Bowl Sound Meditation

Experience the healing power of meditation. During this one-hour class we will focus the first 15 minutes on bringing our attention to our breath, and will use non-judgmental awareness of physical sensations, thoughts and feelings through sitting meditation. Then for the remainder of the time you will be bathed in Tibetan Singing Bowl sounds as you descend into deep relaxation (sitting or laying down). Each class session will leave you feeling renewed, centered, and at peace as you reconnect with your sense of wholeness and tap into the healing vibrational sounds of the Tibetan Bowls.

Natural Remedies & Health Consultations

Natural Medicine is the oldest form of healing and has been bringing better health to people around the world for hundreds of years. It uses the natural herbs, plants and essential oils to bring balance back into the body. It is holistic, in other words, it treats the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Natural Medicine works with the immune system and assists the body in healing itself.

Holistic Life Coaching

Gentle Mindful Yoga Classes

Nutrition Therapy & Wellness Consultations