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Learn what foods Heal & what foods Harm
In today’s world, you never know what you’re getting when you buy food. Recent bills enacted by Legislators now allow food manufactures very broad latitude in labeling their products. The word “Natural” on a label these days means nothing any more. But there is a way through the maze – learn what foods and supplements are best for you, and how to change your diet for the better, easily and inexpensively.

Believe it or not, as little as a few minutes a day of the right exercise can make a huge difference in your life. There’s no need for expensive club memberships or long hours of sweating to see beneficial results.
We are Certified in several forms of Eastern Fitness techniques that we can teach you – and that you can do at home, or at work with no special equipment.
Learn the benefits of a 5 or 10 minute Qigong or Meditation break. The effects are cumulative, and you will feel the difference at the end of your day.

You Are the Placebo

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Meditate for Health (Slideshow)

A complimentary slideshow for your illuminating the benefits of Meditation